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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in in-ground pools?
No, this cleaner is only suitable for above-ground pools.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in above-ground pools?
Yes, the vacuum cleaner can be used in above-ground pools.

What is the recommended pool size to use the vacuum cleaner?
It is recommended for size medium pools up to 20ft.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in a saltwater pool?
Yes, you can use it in a saltwater pool, make sure all salt is dissolved before using the vacuum cleaner.

Can I clean algae with the vacuum cleaner?
No, the vacuum is for daily maintenance to collect debris on the pool floor like leaves, sand, and dead bugs. It can catch some algae in the process, but it is not designed for it. To clean algae properly you need to use chemicals and shock your pool. Please ask your pool professional for more details on how to remove algae.

How should I store my vacuum cleaner?
Make sure the vacuum cleaner is dry and clean, and store the cleaner in a place without direct sunlight.

Do the vacuum cleaner need batteries or connected to the power outlet to operate?
It does not need batteries or electricity to operate. It works with the pool filtration system.

Do I need tools to install the pool cleaner?
The installation of the XTROVAC 70 pool cleaner is tool-free.

Is this a suction-side or pressure-side vacuum cleaner?
The XTROVAC 70 is a suction-side vacuum cleaner.

What is the minimum pump requirement to use the cleaner?
The minimum pump requirement is a 32W pump.