XTROVAC 410 Rechargeable Cordless Pool Leaf Vacuum

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• MAINTAIN WATER PH LEVEL: Unattended leaves will turn pool water ACIDIC! This pool leaf catcher is a must-have for your pool cleaning equipment.

• CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE: Our pool cleaner gives you cordless rechargeable battery-operated suction in an easy-to-use lightweight portable package. The handheld frame and wide-mouth vacuum head are perfect for cleaning pine straws, dead bugs, coarse sand, and soft leaves up to 8 inches on your pool floor and steps.

• STRONG SUCTION: The pool vacuum is perfect for small to medium inground and above-ground pools up to 10ft deep. The XTROVAC 410 has a suction rate of 30 gallons per minute and works 75 minutes of cleaning per charge.

• EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: The extra-large external filter bag holds up to 1.72 gallons of leaves and debris. Magnetic Rotary-Switch operation. 5-section Aluminum Pole included for extended reach.

• GET IT KOKIDO CLEAN: Lightweight, easy-to-use pool vacuums, accessories, and supplies from Kokido. Kokido gives you the best underwater cleaning in a simple-to-use package. No matter what you need, we're here for you!
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XTROVAC 410 Rechargeable Cordless Pool Leaf Vacuum

XTROVAC 410 Rechargeable Cordless Pool Leaf Vacuum

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Product Type
Debris Capacity
Pool Pole / Reach
Pole Connector
XTROVAC 410 Rechargeable Cordless Pool Leaf Vacuum
Rechargeable Pool Vacuum
30 Gal/min
1.72 Gal
External Filter Bag with Foam (250 micron)
2.20 lbs
Aluminum 5-Section Pole Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in in-ground pools?
Yes, the vacuum cleaner can be used in in-ground pools.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in above-ground pools?
Yes, the vacuum cleaner can be used in above-ground pools.

What is the recommended pool size to use the vacuum cleaner?
It is recommended for medium-sized pools.

How long is the working time of the vacuum cleaner?
The XTROVAC 410 can run up to 75 mins with a full charge.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner in a saltwater pool?
Yes, you can use it in a saltwater pool, make sure all salt is dissolved before using the vacuum cleaner.

Can I clean algae with the vacuum cleaner?
No, the vacuum is for daily maintenance to collect debris on the pool floor like leaves, sand, and dead bugs. It can catch some algae in the process, but it is not designed for it. To clean algae properly you need to use chemicals and shock your pool. Please ask your pool professional for more details on how to remove algae.

How should I store my vacuum cleaner?
Make sure the vacuum cleaner is dry and clean, and recharge the product for 4-6 hours before storing.

The vacuum cleaner does not capture debris.
Make sure the battery of the cleaner is drained and put the vacuum to charge. If the filter bag is full, empty the filter bag and clean it.

The debris escaped from the vacuum.
The filter bag could be broken. Please contact our customer service for replacement parts.

The vacuum cleaner cannot be charged.
Make sure the charging plug is correctly connected to the external adaptor and pool vacuum. Refer to the instruction manual and connect the charging accessories correctly.
If the charging ports are stained, please clean the charging port with an acid solvent to remove the stain.
If the problem persists, the charging plug/adapter could be damaged, please contact our customer service for assistance.